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Walking on Water: Reflections on Faith & Art

Hi. I'm glad you're here. This is where I hope to build community—through writing, speaking, and connecting. People are my why, and I'll befriend just about anyone. I'm an ENFPJ (can't box me in) and Enneagram 4w3 who believes in every person's intrinsic value. I want to help you see your worth apart from externals—whether that's religion, behavior, or your past narrative.   

I've overcome the kinds of terrors—from childhood sexual abuse, parental alcoholism, and crippling disillusionment—that keep people (including me) in therapy for decades, and I've spent the past five years finding my footing after I experienced a transformative conversion to Christianity in 1995, only to be bamboozled by fundamentalism. I'm now an advocate of an intact Jesus and a slayer of legalistic monsters. 


I lived for too long under the control of religion, fear, and anxiety, but I've stepped onto the tumultuous waters of healing, where I invite you to walk with me onto the solid ground of authentic faith, which swells from freedom, uninhibited expression, and hope (even if it's reluctant).   

In everyday life, I am the full-time working mother of three young children, wife of a composer-pianist, and founder of a non-profit women's ministry in my hometown of Phoenix, Arizona, where I discovered green grass after fifteen years of living across the country and overseas.


I spent those years equipping domestic and international college students to write and defend their worldviews competently. I currently facilitate cross-cultural understanding through intercultural competence trainings for university faculty and staff. 

I'm also the proud daughter of an East Indian immigrant.

I read good books to know I'm alive; I write to feel connected with the world and its inhabitants; I preach/teach to reconcile the convergence of belief and culture. I bring to every conversation honest faith and bold vulnerability. 

In 2019, I started work on a doctoral degree in education because I needed another thing to do. Although we'll be pausing Prism (because we cannot do all things), I will still speak on a limited basis (see schedule below). 

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